I think that the author is trying to say that the way we view things in the world is almost the way we will grow up to be. Its almost saying that nature is what helps us “grow up”. When Baldwin states that “the world is larger” he means there are things that are beyond our knowledge. We may think we’ve gone to every place in the world, however we actually haven’t. There are still things to be discovered, untapped knowledge untapped my us. The best we can do is learn about the things we can learn and just grow our minds.

In my opinion, I belief I have the “necessity” to learn about architecture and engineering. In my elementary and middle school, they never really taught me those kinds of things because to them it deemed “unimportant” and that we should be learning what other schools were learning. In my opinion its wrong to say that. We should be learning about our passions. Yes we should be learning about the basics such as math and reading, but at the same time give us classes related to our passions. Related to my passion, I want to learn about why is it important and if its possible to make things that are impossible to make. People always says the impossible will always be deemed impossible, however you wouldn’t know unless you try. And who knows, maybe you can make the impossible possible which can inspire others to do the same as well.