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Curiosity-Jorge Rivas

Something that I was interested when I was a kid was something that in Guatemala we call “Canicas”, I was interested in knowing how the ones that where made of steel where made and I asked some friends and they told me that they didn’t knew how they were made. I asked many friends but they didn’t knew, finally I asked my dad and he told me that they where part of the bearings that are used in trucks, cars and some tools, I was surprised.

It didn’t passed years until I got the answers for that, maybe one year. Educational played a little role in my curiosity because for my dad to be able to tell me the name of those things he had to learn them first and he had to learn where they came from.

I’m not interested in that since 2012 when my dad explained that to me and I told all of my friends where they came from and what they were useful for. Some of my friends just luffed because they didn’t expect that answer and I understood them because I thought those things where made specific to play. After I lost interest in that I became interested in learning how to draw like a professional and I’m steel interested in that because it seems so beautiful to me how people make fantastic draws and for me to start solving that interest I started drawing and I continue doing it but not as often as when I just got interested on it. Now that I have like 4 years with that interest I bought some expensive color pencils because they are more professional for that and the results are amazing. When I want to know more about drawing I used to watch videos at YouTube because I really want to make nice draws.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Interesting journey from parts of wheels to drawing!

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