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Hw – 10/6

  • What is something you were interested in when you were a kid? Are you still interested in that topic? How did asking questions help you learn more about that topic?Β 

When I was a child, i always had an interest in painting/drawing. I would use anything i could find and try to create art with it. My grandmothers often encouraged me to explore my artistic talent and if I asked, would go out and buy me whatever materials i wanted/needed. I am still interested in painting/drawing, however the freedom and time I had when I was younger I do not have now. Growing older has given more responsibilities with less time for my own personal activities. Asking questions help me think about what I want to say with a topic to discuss than just going off of my thoughts.

  • If so, how has your curiosity changed and grown over the years? And what role did the educational system play in your curiosity (good or bad)?Β 

I’m not as curious about life in general as I was when i was younger but i still seek to get as much knowledge as possible. The educational system has played more negatively than positively in my curiosity as the education environment does not leave space for individuality by choice.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Time and getting older does have a way of making us lose our early interests and curiosity. I hope you’re able to put drawing/art back into your life.

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