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HW Kweku 10/6

  • One thing I was interested in was drawing, I am no longer interested in arts and I really asked questions about drawing from my senior brother and it helped me allot even to put some extra cash in my pockets in school.
  • I think my curiosity has deemed down over the past years as the education system has nurtured me to speak less and get with what is being taught.
  • I remember the teachers calling my mother to complain to her about how drawing is affecting my grades, because I used to draw different portraits and objects in class which made me drift away from the lesson. I don’t think I have gain any interest if am being honest because I just do what people do or what I want to learn momentarily.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    So you made money from drawing when you were younger? Why not go back to that early interest and find a way to turn it into a profession? Hard to do, I know, but I can feel your sadness about it. School does have a way of making us forget we ever had passion for something like art.

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