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Curiosity – Julian Ruiz

As a kid, I was always interested in becoming a subway conductor and working with the trains. For some odd reason every time my mom took me on the train/subway, I was fascinated in the train cars. I was interested in how they work and what they do. To this day I somewhat still think that, however it has died down a ton. I would ask my teacher how were those things done but they would either not answer it or people would laugh at me for asking a silly question. When I did get the questions answered, I would be fascinated on how the mechanical work was done on the subway.

Over the years, my curiosity of the stated topic went down, if not, completely gone. This is because of the way society thought of the hopes and dreams a young 10 year old me had. And the education system has only made it worse. When in middle school, I felt as if teachers were teaching us to either become a writer or a teacher. It annoyed me a lot, however I took it seriously because if I wanted to become a mechanical engineer, I needed to study math.

To be honest, I think my old interest had gone to someone else in a spiritual way. Someone who is willing to do things like I couldn’t, such as not giving in to the horrors of wanting to be accepted in the world by giving up some of the things you like most. If anything, my curiosity has led me to a new hope and dream, to use my engineering skills for help society. It may be hard and tough, but I just know that I can help people realize that no dream is quote on quote “stupid” and that they shouldn’t make the mistake that I made with abandoning my dream.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    That is a wonderful sad hopeful story! Why is it that school just beats it out of us, that people make fun of our dreams if they’re not what THEY would do? You should be very proud of what you want to accomplish, what you dreams are now. Curiosity DID lead you somewhere good, in the end.

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