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Paragraphs- Arleny Aponte

Despite our education system there is always a handful of teachers who fight against these set of rules. And those are the teachers I feel actually love their jobs and believe in teaching the future generation. I was one of the fortunate students that was able to have this experience. My teacher didn’t believe in grades. They felt that grades shouldn’t determine ones worth or how capable they are. So they taught us to not pay attention to grades because they really don’t mean anything. During the beginning of quarantine I’m sure everyone was going though so much. My teacher was able to open up about his personal life and talk to us like actual people rather than just a student there to just memorize information. And that made me respect him more as a teacher because I actually saw him as a person I can rely on because he showed us that he also relied on us.

I have had teachers that are super strict for a whole school year I had to come in sit in my assigned seat take my notebook out take my pencil out and write the notes exactly how it was seen on the screen as the teacher read it. this would go on Monday through Thursday and every Friday we would have a quiz on the notes we took throughout the week. Like clockwork this would go on all throughout the school year. Simply bc this is the “most effective’ way of memorizing my notes to be able to pass my regents exam. I did indeed pass the exam but the moment I was out the class I noticed I forgot the majority of what I learned in that class. I got all this information but I feel like I hadn’t learned anything helpful.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Really nice comparison between teachers and teaching styles.

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