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A Moment

It was another lazy afternoon in Japanese class. Pretty cliché I know but it was really that relaxed. I sit in a comfortable position, knowing that I don’t need to be seen since he’s one of the fun teachers that allows us to keep our cameras off and went especially easy on us due to the pandemic. We had went through all the material so we are now using class to do our final project and ask questions. Chat is filled with weeb discussions and sups to our teacher. Then class began and our teacher opens his PowerPoint. 

So, a very sizable chunk of class has failed the course. All of them failed due to missing assignments. We were given an extra two weeks to make up our assignments and graduate by our principal. Today would be the last day of class for people who passed and the next class would be for people who don’t. In that class, he would tell us which assignments to do to pass. 

That was all that was said during the presentation. And during the entirety of it, the chat stood empty. The silence was deafening and the teachers voice was unusually stern. We had taken our liberties and broken him.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    What a story. Amazing that you recognized what had happened to the teacher. That’s pretty intense.

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