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hw 9/22- Jeffrey

I’m in my house next to my brother in our room getting ready to play after finally setting up the switch to the tv to play a game we both wanted to play for a really long to super smash bros. We had to lights off so the only light coming from the room was the light from the tv and the there was some noise from the ac in the background because it was starting to get really hot in the room. Me and my brother set up to chairs next to each other near the door and in front of the desk so we can both see the tv screen clearly.

When we first started to actually start playing super smash bros I got destroyed. I was a bit annoyed that he was way better but I knew he had more knowledge about the game then me. But after some more games I actually won my first game then started to win more and more and I felt great. After that day me and my brother play super smash bros when ever were bored to have a competition against each other and its something that I enjoy to do a lot and is even better when my cousins come to visit.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Very descriptive! I can feel how hot it was…

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