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In the beginning of eight grade, the teacher that was stationed for my class had been a terror to the previous graduates that left the school. Many had warned my class about his demeanor and the stuff he would do to students’ grades and projects. He had a sort of favoritism towards two of my close friends at the time, my two bestfriends and myself. What had affected me negatively the most, was his constant need to compare me to my mother, who was his top student during her time as his student. It had made me feel as though I am not my own person but a duplicate following their mother’s footsteps. Dealing with this treatment everyday began to get tiring, yet I had to force myself to bear a smile for the sake of decent treatment. Soon after those incidents, he became disappointed in my progress in his class. Being subjected to public embarrassment infront of my peers by having my projects that I’ve spent hours, days even, crushed into unrecognizable shapes and criticized as if it were trash, dented my overall self esteem and motivation. Emotions indescribable swarmed through me all at once, it made me sick.

At my graduation to move onto the highschool environment, the burden and stress i had felt for that year became slightly relieved. I would no longer have to deal with a individual like him again and I would have moved on to greener pastures. The freedom of being myself without maintaining a façade for appeasement was refreshing. I’ve never felt such joy than other in that moment.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I hate teachers like that… What did he do to you in class? Any specific event pop into your head?

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