In middle school when we would have time to kickback and have fun during recess me and my best friend would always meet up catch up and gossip basically whatever may come to mind and we though needed to be addressed.So as we had our laughs and shares then someone upon the name of Neil approached us and insulted us which made me have mix feelings and had a spark in my body feeling he had to be put down instantly but my friend had stopped me which he knew that the better person would walk away and be mature about the situation which I knew what he was saying but crowd started to form and judging by the crowd group of kids some being my classmates and majority being randoms wanting to know what the comotion was about and started instigating.

Neil didn’t like when people walked away from him and so he used words which made me stop in in my tracks and me letting his words get to me feeling stressed and overwhelmed which I regret and well said nothing and walked away as which he shoved me and put his hands on me which my eyes went in flames and I striked back harder then ever which I regret to this day which I know that you can’t fight fire with fire when knowing even though later that day when me and Neil had been benched for recess next couple days I sure you that he’d have a grudge against me and I felt pretty bad for letting my emotions take over.