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Sept. 22 H.W – Julian Ruiz

It was the middle of the afternoon, and me and my 5th grade classmates were going back to our homeroom after eating lunch in the cafeteria. As we walked into the classroom, I noticed that it was really hot in the classroom since we were in the beginning of summer; so I asked the teacher if they can turn on the A.C and said yes. After that, the teacher instructed us to go form a circle so we can do an activity. To my left and right were people I knew since 2nd grade however I never really talked to them. The activity was to talk about what we wanted to do in the future. When I said what I wanted to do, people laughed at me because to them it seemed “silly.” My mind felt angered and my body was getting heated because of that anger. However, at that moment, something occurred to me that I will always think to my self, that I shouldn’t think what others think of me. I should always be happy with the type of person I am.

It was the middle of the afternoon, and I was graduating from high school. I was bursting with excitement and my body was to hyper to sit down. It was the middle of summer and for some reason the school wanted to celebrate outside instead of celebrating inside the school at the auditorium. It was really hot outside and my feet were burning. No one was towards my left but my friend from 9th grade was on my right. As the ceremony went on, a speaker came up and gave a speech. He was talking about how amazing it was we made it through school through a pandemic. I agree with him because we went through so much and its amazing how we survived. As I went to get my diploma, I thought to myself, we as humans go through so much however, we always find away to persevere so I told myself I will use that skill as I get older.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    I like the connection you made between those two years, how you felt both times. Amazing how small events make such a big difference, isn’t it?

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