The author starts their story through their personal perspective, explaining their difficulties in their experiences coming to the US and the struggle of finding a place to belong to where others who are similar to them can relate. Readers who come from immigrant families could find the experience in this excerpt to be familiar.

I would start my own education narrative in a group where people similar to my self, in identity and experiences can join without any judgement on their circumstances. My story would tell of what I had dealt with growing up in the US with immigrant parents who dialects and languages were shamed upon by those who didn’t speak it/knew how to. My readers would be put in my own perspective to feel as thought they are also speaking about their stories through my words.

My questions and concerns about writing an education narrative is how to start my story. Should I tell it word for word without any censorship or should I modify it for my audience. What genre would i focus on and how can I interest my readers enough? What language should I use?

When I was younger i attended a private middle school that had a extreme ‘sheltered’ system, and moving on to a public highschool became a huge culture shock with the diversities in it. The change was more difficult than I had anticipated and took time to be accustomed to.