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Conventions Sep 20 Hw- Odalys Garcia

The education narrative genre can be seen in the Oliver and Barry readings that were given to us. I have noticed that the education narrative genre deals with a persons experience, interpretation, or opinion on what education is and hows its taught to people. The best way for someone to talk about the educations narrative is by using personal experiences, this is a ingredient that I continued to see in the education narrative. There is also a conflict or situation that the author encounters which then can be further discussed on how it impacts the person in the future.

A good place to start on my education narrative is in middle school because that is when we get further introduced to the common core state standards on english, math, and science. I began doubting my writing skills when I would hand in a essay that I thought was good and proud of but it ended up receiving a low grade. Thats when I began looking extra closely at what the expectations were on the essay based on the rubrics given and fixing the wording of my essays as well to make it sound more sophisticated. I also began doubting my own voice in a classroom because of the fear of saying something. Once I was participating in a group discussion where the teacher gave her own input on the discussion and I noticed it persuaded my own opinion. A teachers feedback or opinion is taken into great consideration by the student and sometimes teachers dont realize that when they are giving us feedback, especially if the feedback is harsh.

One concern that I have on writing my education narrative is what the rubric for grading will be. From past experiences, teachers always handed out a rubric with the expectations or requirements on what should be included in the essay and that is what we will get graded on. Also, is there a certain number of pages or words you expect us to at least have.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Rubrics. I kind of hate them. But I do have a list of things that will you’ll be graded on. I’ll think about a rubric although I’ve never been very successful with them (too many numbers). But your concern is absolutely valid, and I’ll do my best to make clear what the grading criteria are.

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