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Englishes – Arleny Aponte

I definitely agree with what Carillo is saying about our education system. Teachers are paid to teach a curriculum and students just have to listen and learn about the matter. When students are not allowed to question and form different views on things they are being limited to only knowing about the subject but not understanding the subject as Carillo states. To know about a subject means to retain information about it with no questions asked. To understand a subject means to have opinions and challenge the subject to develop the concept in a way that makes sense to you. Being able to speak up on your thoughts and ask questions is what helps make the world a better place its what helps us advance and change in ways we couldn’t do if we were silenced.

When I was in school there were many times when I wanted to question the material but the lesson was just there to be taught not discussed. I of course felt silenced and wanted to be able to fully understand the material.

Both Tan and Lysicott speak about the various Englishes they speak only to be used with certain people and certain settings. I can relate to both speakers when they talk about having to match their speech to the person to create a version of themselves to be perceived. It’s something that I also do every moment of my life. Speaking Spanish with my family members at home, speaking politely and professionally at work with my customers and employers, and speaking naturally and comfortably with my friends. all depending on whom I’m speaking with and where I am are all different Englishes. Like both Lysicott and Tan mention the “broken” English they both share the same idea that “broken ” English does not limit your thoughts and determine whether you are worthy of being heard. I had a very similar experience to the one Tan mentions in her essay, having to translate important documents and answer important phone calls for my mom because she was aware of “the limitations of her English”. There is definitely a lot of pressure growing up in a household where your second language is English. I have come to realize that knowing all these “Englishes” can help me communicate and create even more connections in my life. So it is something to embrace and be proud of.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Absolutely something to embrace and be proud of! It always kind of annoys me that students aren’t allowed to 1) have their own opinions, and 2) have their own ways of using English. Nice comments!

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