Jacquelyn Blain

Final Revision Ideas

For the Final Portfolio, I already have ideas for what I can revise in my Unit 1 and Unit 2 Essays. For starters, I can use the notes left by you professor, and by my classmates and further flesh them out throughout my entire paper. Looking back at my Unit 1 essay, I can organize my ideas better so it isn’t as jarring when we get to my last paragraph, where it seems like I introduced a whole new topic out of nowhere. Doing this means I just have to change some sentences and format my first two paragraphs a bit differently. I originally had kept only the first two paragraphs in mind when doing my essay, the last one sort of came as an afterthought as I had to reach the word count. If I’m still having problems with the word count even after all that, I could just think back on more personal stories and anecdotes that relate to my overall topic. For my Unit 2 project as said by you professor and the rest of my peers, I don’t think I have much to change. I might have some punctuational errors and will go over them with fresh eyes now, reading the entire Reflective Annotated Bibliography instead of just skimming through it. That should be about it for Unit 2, Unit 1 is where most of the attention will be as it needs the most work done on it with everything I’ve learned now during this class.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    You’re absolutely right about these revisions. Unit 2 does look great, but be sure to read through to check for punctuation and making sure your sentences say what you want them to. As for Unit 1, those are good ideas — that last paragraph needs help, maybe more story, a better way to tie it to the first parts… Good thinking.

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