“You are already an author.” to me means that we all have something we might want to say with a different perspective or experiences we all might want to share already in our daily life. All of us write things daily, and in my case, I have a diary I jot down in. My diary gives me time for myself and helps me formulate MY OWN thoughts about things that have happened or how I’m feeling that day. This helps me to become a better reader and analyze things in a more nuanced way.

In Bunn’s article, things I noticed is that he is very organized and meticulous in how his article is read by the reader. Everything flows nicely and comes to connect later on. I’d like to include this into my writing more as it’s easy to comprehend and annotate.

I feel like reading and annotating as explained in the article, is going to be very helpful. It will probably be slow at first but once mastered it will become much more efficient and useful. I learned to pay attention to every detail and to question why the reader would write something the certain way they did.