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Reading like a Writer -Daniel R

When Mike Bunn tells us that “You are already a writer” I believe that he is trying to tell us that we already have experience writing in our daily lives. An example of this would be text messages to writing grocery lists and that we already have experience to how it feels to write as well as the emotions associated with writing. Something that I did find interesting from Bunn’s writing is the constant usage of famous references whether it be from famous Poets to President Barack Obama. To use this in my writing however I would need to have prior knowledge on the subject and be well informed about its history. I hope to use this writing style to improve my writing in the future. While reading and annotating I felt that I had to put greater priority in understanding everything about the author such as the meaning the author had intended and understanding where this perspective comes from.

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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    Interesting comment about choosing quotes. You’re right, of course — we do need to know what we’re talking about :-D. As a writer, that often means doing some Google searching to learn more and find those quotes.

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