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One to describe the way I feel about this course is exited I’ve always had writing as a hobby and would love to enhance my skills on that because I know I need some work done lol.

Some of my concerns would defiantly be my motivation and my time management. my motivation can really depend on how much sleep I’ve gotten and how my day has started.And time management has always been difficult for me to manage but I’m more open than ever to try my best. Budget six definitely gave me a different perspective on budgeting my time lol. I don’t believe I’d have any technical problems the only thing is sometimes out o the blue my connection goes off of my MacBook for no reason.

A little about myself is that really excited for college and im the first of my family to go to college. That’s a lot of pressure already plus Im the oldest so everyone looks up to me I don’t mind it just gets me nervous because if u don’t do great ill disappoint everyone. I live in Staten Island but I am dorming on the upper west side I can’t wait for Cuny to approve of my move in.

The picture is of my family cat her name is unworthy of being said because I don’t actually call her by the name my family came up with lol I like this picture because it shows how close we have gotten and how much im going to miss her.

My name is Nevaeh and 95% of the people I meet always say it wrong lol, nothing really special about it, it is heaven spelled backwards so there’s that lol.


  1. Krzysztof Lipa

    Your cat is cute!!! What I recommend is every time you get homework or assignment or need to study is to not wait the day before and try to do it as early as possible.

    • Nevaeh Christopher

      thank you!!! and yes ive started to do that already the stress of having to turn in homework a day before is too much for me. thank you for the advice.

  2. Eliana

    Your cat is adorable, I’m also scared about my time management and finding motivation

  3. Jacquelyn Blain

    Yes, cute cat. Adorable cat. I love cats!

    And Krzysztof has great advice — try to get ahead of things if you can. I’m the world’s worst procrastinator, and I have to set a timer to get things done. 20 minutes work, 5 minutes break, for a couple of hours. Sounds terrible, but at least it gets stuff done!

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