Thoughts: Sneaker Hype / T.RAP Music

A comment on sneaker hype/trap music

Anthony Sewell Popularity comes and goes . Whenever something gains popularity to the point where it becomes arguably saturated, naturally there will be a wave of people going against that grain along with the various individual impositions of what’s hot and what’s not,for example, that phrasing I just used evolved from yay or nay. This may drive some readers crazy, while others don’t care. Trap or what I like to call T.RAP(trance rap) can be seen as an evolutionary branch product of rap music. To be frank, the ubiquitous disdain for the genre at large is that it lacks the thought provoking lyricism and rough production sound thats rooted deeply in the rap DNA. Think of it as the red headed stepchild bastard of rap music.kinda like reggaeton. As for shoes….theres always going to be some new shit that makes us come out of our pockets, its where the world has been for quite some time. The first time a shoe is released, most of the time, the price is a reflection the technology. Now they’re sold off hype. He said she said. Ronnie Fieg can pick out a few colors for orthopedic shoes, and teenagers will turn there back on nike, loose sleep to obtain the new flavor of the second. I was this kid in high school. For what its worth, supporting the brother Jordan was always enough for me. NOWADAYS I’m partial to the air trainer line and new balances due to the damage I’ve caused because I used to squeeze my feet into my little brothers nike air jordans in HS. I loved wearing Jordan’s but could only afford 4 pairs a year which was MORE THAN ENOUGH. I dreamed of shopping at Flight Club. Now its my last resort when I want 1999 Jordan 5 black metallic deadstock for $700 .wouldnt catch me dead walking around with the flight club shopping bag. I don’t want people to know this sucker over paid for 1lb of rubber and suede.

Riding the Rails (sketch time)

Subway Sketches (imaginative characters)

Normally, while riding the subway, im listening to music, observing the people whilst trying to come up with a story for each of them. While out, I picked up an additional mini sketchbook.  Here are some doodles from the imagination of another straphanger. Technically the term should be changed to poleholder. Leather straps use to be the standing passengers method of holding. Not to be mistaken for pole dancing. For what it’s worth, we do dance on the pole during rush hour while trying to navigate through the train car but I digress. Here are some moving car sketches.








ACCIDENTAL GERALDO RIVERA ( you don’t see it?)


Hammer Head the Student/ Mom at 14


Taxi Love/ I had a stroke seeee Continue reading

Revised: Visual Quotations

That old saying had to come from somewhere, correct? What old saying may you ask yourself. The true answer is that every saying has an origin. More importantly, we’re surrounded by these known phrases. Some regional while others are international. Since humans learned to speak and conceptualize the world  in their own way, these sayings have become apart of our communicative DNA.

I’ve been a sucker for quotes my whole life. Those one liners from the films and shows along with advertisements. You may hear people quote authors, scientists, actors, actresses, activists, athletes, heroes, villains, children, old people, random people, specific people along with–What I’m trying to say is that everyone has something to say. Some come and go while others stick around like shoulders.

With there being too many quotations to choose from, I went with an all time favorite by Star Wars character, Yoda who’s voiced by puppeteer  Frank Oz. I believe the phrasing was, “Do or do not, there is no try.” I’ve always liked this quote, because it’s a simpler way of saying, there is no half stepping, or all or none. On a side note, Frank is also the voice of Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear from The Muppets but we’re not here for trivia or are we….?








Print Ready RGY


Process: Yoda

  • Traffic light colors: #27e833, #CC0605, #fad201 respectively
  • Do (go;green) Do not (stop;red)
  • No try (slow/partially committed;yellow)


Frank Oz and friends-