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February 13:WeWork Shoot/Saskia

This would be considered my first shoot as a production assistant/wait for it…. second camera. Technically I shot but I didn’t move. I operated the static wide shot of an interview with Saskia Sorrosa founder and CEO of Fresh Bellies which is palate training food for small children. This woman’s story is 1 of many inspiring tales of how individuals follow their dreams and with integrity regardless of the challenge. We conducted the shoot inside of a WeWork office in which I must say is the cat’s meow for entrepreneurs. Our crew took an Uber to and from the shoot which wasn’t too far away but the gear must arrive in the same that it should leave; intact. This day was a crash course in shoot protocol. When you arrive at the equipment center, there is usually a gatekeeper. This is the person who makes sure you have what you need and what you have actually works. They also fill you in on the do’s and don’ts of equipment handling and other procedures. I must say they are not much different from renting equipment from the school. Production assisting is lifting, moving, placing, installing, moving, setting up, etc. The highlight was being able to shoot while drinking grapefruit lemon water.