Back to the drawing board

March 13:Rough weeks.. Everyone has them. If I were on the job, I’d be fired already. Sat with my supervisor and her supervisor for a small pep talk to check in on my progress. It was sobering as much as inspirational. Subconsciously, I don’t believe in myself so I see a fraud when I’m looking in a mirror. This is what causes me to self sabotage but moving back to the internship is the direction we’d want to go. Not some inner monologue of self discovery. I worked on a stop motion intro for one of the channels so I got to work alone. One of the producers had seen my stop motion reel and was inspired to have me bring that skill to the table. I’ll admit, I had Not done any stop motion projects in about two or so years and most of the projects were me just playing around my house with shoes but nevertheless I did them. For 2 hours, I shot over 400 frames while slowing moving and re taping cut out letters for a 16 second video. I see why I haven’t done one of these in forever. For the most part they take forever but still, it’s a satisfying medium because you see your own slave-labor brought to life.