Shoot me somebody

March 6: So we’re doing a shoot on yours truly for a Day in the Life spot. Being interviewed is a tough gig because you’re forced to speak candidly which isn’t easy at first but when you have the lovely cameraman Kalin and fellow intern Sonia churching you up, one tends to loosen up. Why not shoot at school in the new beautiful Pearl building. So we did a few takes around the school and I think we’re going to head to my job at some point but that’s enough spoilers for 1 post. Even though you’re allowed to mess up and start over, a part of you tries to be mindful of the time so nerves of steel are all we ask. The biggest takeaway of the shoot was “be yourself and people will respect you.” I was a bit nervous at first because I’m a fairly jovial, gregarious individual so when working with a stern Eastern European transplant for the first time, there are moments where you question the degree of your interactions. I speak candidly and I constantly laugh and smile so of course by the end of the shoot, we’re high fiving. Also when you open up about your life which I had to do, not to mention on camera, they get to know you better.