COMD-1100Graphic Design Principles

Final Poster-color



Color Wheel


Cassette freewheel from bicycle wheel mounted on a 20″ wheel covered by cardboard.



HW-Letters in objects

The eight squares presented are photographic drawings. The perspectives shown, are zoomed in as instructed. Given a packed schedule and broken iPhone, these photographs were collected in a 1 block radius. A similarity to letterforms can be found in these objects. The foot-high fencing on a flower bed sometimes has that scrolling in the boxes that looks like an “s”. I scoped out the fire escape across the street from my apartment only to realize it was a backwards “z”. Although I did find an actual “z” adjacent from the “c” or “g” that was created by the pharmacy’s welcome arrow in the form of another fire escape. Anyone can see these letterforms of what I like to call, “environmental typography”. That is if they haven’t already fallen into that O-shaped manhole.

Letters as we know, can be mechanical as do random objects. They relate to our eyes the same in regards to where the form starts and ends. This is truth in all lights. Another way of seeing letters in nature is by putting them there and I think that’s the natural negative space. Sometimes, the way two separate object intersect can form a letter. Can you see any letters here?


Cubes: Prison 

image1 image2 image3 image5