Isaac Mizrahi doesn’t care what you wear.

February 27:Isaac Mizrahi shoot- I come in expecting to go over the interstitials for the the latinas video and end up going on a shoot to interview fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi who’s promoting his memoir. The reporter who I was assisting happened to be a fan of his in which she even had the advance copy of his memoir on her person. The shoot was to be of an intimate nature. It was held in his office which is actually a studio apartment so there was a homely vibe which lent to a chill work environment. My job is to assist in any capacity so I set up tripods, cameras, mic, lights. Sometimes you have to move furniture around when setting up a shot so being mindful of the property of others is important. I’ve worked with the same gear on a previous shoot so I was aware of the nuances regarding the equipment. Like I said before, same equipment but different people. Every camera person just like any creative has their own method and quirks when setting up for a shoot. Reading the room is another big part of the game. It might not seem like a huge deal but being able to move this here and that there for someone whose responsibilities are mainly technical is a major help which the crew reassured me of many times throughout the course of the shoot. The only shots I took were the ones the reporter requested I get of her and Isaac by way of her smartphone for thumbnail purposes. From time to time his assistant would update me on how much time we had left. No pressure at all. Just like any other shoot, we return the equipment to the gatekeeper himself Vincent who’s thrilled when things are put back where they belong and brought back in one piece.