I’m with the band width

March 15: Despite leaving my ID access card, I had a fairly relaxed day at the office. I sat with Julian who’s one of the editors at CUNYTV.  He was finishing an edit for an interview on the artist from Broad City, Mike Perry. Today was one of those days in the office where things are so chill I start to freak out over boredom. What’s nice about the editing room is that it’s cool as in bring a hoodie if you’re planning to be there for more than 5 minutes. While working people will come up to you to alert you on nearby work so there is this constant management of time, something I’m starting to get better at. I actually said my first no today. It was for a transcribing job that I would have to do in my free time. I usually feel bad for saying no but I’m starting to set my boundaries for what I’m not just willing to do but capable of doing. I’m still sort of playing catch-up with my class work and even though it’s near to completion, I wouldn’t want to dive in shortly after coming up for air. We’re still going over the cartoons which we plan to animate so learning how they go about that was a bit of a learning curve. It’s encouraging me to revisit the computer.  Today I co-edited an interview with Steve Coogan and John C Reily for their movie Stan and Ollie which portrays the later years of legendary comedy duo Loral and Hardy. I have a lot of editing experience so it’s nice to flex my eye and it’s even greater when people say, “I want your opinion.” I know, it sounds self-serving but it’s not. I want or I like your opinion in truth means “help me”; nothing more satisfactory. Today was very chill, especially in those freezing editing rooms. The biggest treat of the day is that when I left the station, everybody and their mama was in t-shirts due to the temperature hike. Hello Spring.