War Photography with an iphone app

Does the type of camera you use make you a better photographer? Damon Winter used an iphone app called Hipstamatic to photograph soldiers in Afghanistan. Some critics have praised his photos and others are not happy, what do you guys think?

Personally I don’t think it matters how the photograph was taken but how I feel when looking at them.



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8 Responses to War Photography with an iphone app

  1. It’s very cool how Winter captured the realness of his mission abroad. The most interesting thing is how he captured the camaraderie of his troop, and the brotherhood that is formed of these soldiers while on duty.

    Some of the pictures seem to capture the feeling of being in a foreign land. One never knows what they’re walking into when on uncommon territory. These photos capture that feeling, leaving the viewer to understand how rewarding, yet scary being a U.S. military soldier can be.

  2. mzambrana says:

    I honestly, do not think that it matters what type of camera or application you use to capture a photograph. In the end of it all the person who is deciding to take the picture is youself not the camera it self. As discussed in class it’s almost like the ” decisive moment”. We chose the moment to take the picture. Not the camera. For this reason, I feel that his pictures are very heart touching and felt. Not many people who call themselves photographers have this trait of truly connecting with their photos.

  3. mzambrana says:

    If you look at the photographs that Damon Winter took. I can tell that he was their and these photographs were actually through his eyes and not a bystander.

  4. mohsensoofi says:

    I don’t think a better camera can make you a better photographer if you aren’t familiar with advanced manual settings. it might just confuse you.
    But I do agree that if you know how to adjust settings, a better camera would allow you to take better pictures, I do use iPhone and I can say it takes very cool pictures if you know how to use it.
    But i can take way better pictures with my DSLR because it has tons of features that I can’t get in the iPhone.
    So does a better camera make you a better photographer?
    – if you know to use advanced features yes it will make you a better photographer

  5. sandyng925 says:

    photography was always known for having to take and physically develop photo’s which is why i understand why some people may not like this form of photography. i personally think that photography is photography any way you do it.

    i think the photo’s are beautiful and they capture the unknown… the feeling of boredom to the fear locked in their souls.

  6. lalizazhu says:

    Before taking the class I would have agreed with mohsenssofi but after taking this photography class I would not be so sure about it because if we looked at the photographs we discussed in class most of them were just simple photographs. Some were staged but if we compared them with today’s photography, many people used program to make changes on each photo (the use of Photoshop) just to make it look nicer. Like Mohsensoofi said “if you know how to adjust settings, a better camera would allow you to take better pictures” however I do not believe that taking beautiful photographs make you a better photographer.

  7. Carmen K. Ma says:

    I dont think the types of camera make a person better photographer. It all depends on how the photographer capture the moment in time by their use of techniques. The final presentation of the work is more important than the tool we use to make it.

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