Husam Kaid: Photography, Social Media, and Art

Photography, a form of art at the start, which did not take long before developing to a great business idea throughout the world. coming from a third world country my only idea of photography was old cameras where we would have to take a film to a shop in the city so they can develop the pictures and give it back to us weeks later since they had to develop all the films given to them and the process was a bit time consuming.

Photography became more available with digital cameras, then on phones but we could not really do much until social media came along. we only took pictures to scroll up and down for memories but with social media, we get to share our experiences, influence the experiences of others and inspire with the pictures we take. social media has definitely had a great impact on my life and the pictures i see on Instagram for example, have made me visit places and eat at restaurants I probably would not have known about if it was not for the combination of photography and social media.

Husam Kaid: Photography, Instagram, and the Food Industry

Prof. Cheng

Photography has become an essential part of everybody’s life. Cameras are everywhere around us, from phones to laptops to drones and even gaming consoles. Photography and social media have become inseparable especially in the last decade with the rise of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The food industry, just like every other industry, has realized that using social media as a marketing tool is indeed a brilliant idea. As humans we are naturally inclined towards beautiful things, therefore, seeing beautiful pictures of food will definitely make us want to try it.

Most of my friends love taking pictures of food but I must admit it can get annoying at times because then I have to go and try that food myself. Often times the food looks better than it tastes, some restaurants tend to focus more on the aesthetic aspect than on the actual quality of the food.


I used to work as a barista at 1982 caf√© in Brooklyn, and I can confirm the statement ‚ÄúEven restaurants are designing their menus and decor to encourage the use of social media‚ÄĚ the owner literally hired somebody to make the place look like an 1800‚Äôs European bar, and although the costumers LOVED the coffee, they were astonished by the interior design and complemented the place as much as they complimented the coffee. New Fork City is definitely an amazing and innovative business idea and it is every teenager’s dream job.