Hw 2 food and coffee in the civil war

If I was a soldier during the Civil War, I don’t know if I would have made it. I’m a vegetarian, so I can’t survive off of meat and differently not potatoes, and pieces of bread. I need more proteins and vitamins in my diet to help me throughout the day. I love food, but I don’t think I can eat the same food over and over again, especially if it lacks flavor. Soldiers in the Civil War loved coffee because it gave them energy and it was a sense of comfort. Commercial’s these days make coffee seem like it is the only thing that you would want and need, but I don’t like coffee.

I find it strange that some people can’t start there day without first drinking a cup of coffee. I never felt the need to drink coffee because I’m always drinking tea. Coffee is very bitter unless you sweeten it. If the soldiers ran out of sugar they were forced to drink bitter coffee.

I personally love green vegetables and seafood. I get my daily vitamins and protein by eating this often. I don’t mind eating this over again because I can always give it different seasonings to spice things up.

veggie and fish

veggie and fish

HW #2 Civil War Soldier’s Diet.


Any vegetable is the food that I cannot live without. I love their colors, flavors, and textures. I am not vegetarian yet they account for a big percentage of my diet.

What I found really fascinating about the Civil War soldier’s diet was, how coffee was almost like an indispensable weapon to fight. And not only gave them strength to fight, keep them alive in battle, but also the sentimental attachment by consider coffee the only warm thing they had. I relate to this feeling for coffee of the soldiers, with my personal love for coffee. A cup of black coffee for me is a throwback in time when I was nine years old and I waited every morning and afternoon for a sip of coffee from my grandma’s cup. Always dark, hot, and sweet.

HW #2: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

I was completely unaware of how important coffee was for the soldiers during the Civil War prior to reading the two articles. Their diet was not that great or healthy for that matter most meals consisted of meat, potatoes and a piece of bread. Although the job of The Sanitary was to take care of the soldiers health and nutrition while supplying reliable food this was overlooked most of the times because of the army’s large size. So the food that was cooked lacked in flavor and variety as the soldiers sometimes ate the same thing twice in a day. I can see how that could happen especially since they didn’t have a lot of cooking and kitchen skills at the time. So they were feed just enough to keep them from starving. Surprisingly, coffee seemed to be something that they all looked forward to during supper time. Coffee for the soldiers was a sense of comfort and safety. It powered soldiers through battle and relived the survivors afterwards. They made it from anything they could and took it everywhere with them this is how important it was to them.

I personally have a love for coffee and sometimes even depend on it to keep me going throughout the day so I can relate to the soldiers a little. I sometimes try to take a break from the caffeinated beverage because I drink it almost everyday, mostly iced coffee. But If I had to choose between food and coffee I would have to say I wouldn’t want to give up eggs. I absolutely love them, served in any form especially as a omelet and don’t forget the cheese please!

mushroomomelet scrambledeggs

Homework #1 – Texture

Many can enjoy this bright red, heart-shaped summer fruit. At first glance, you can see bumps and grooves of this tasty and delicate fruit. Embedded in it, you can see tiny brown seeds decorating this natural delicacy. Its small plump figure has a very unique and inviting appearance. Once in your hand, you can feel its smooth bumps and its soft yet grainy peel. Flipping it over you now hold its fragile leaf and bite into this fruits rounded tip. As you break through the strawberry you feel its juice running on your tongue. The bittersweet flavor excites your taste buds and the crunch of the seeds on your teeth along with the firm pressure of the lumps makes you see just how tasteful nature can be.

img_9218 img_9217 strawberry

Alan Hernandez #studentHW

This picture is a salad we use to do at work, it’s a strawberry and quinoa salad. This salad was made by adding a little of basil balsamic vinaigrette to the spinach, then adding quinoa on top of the spinach; which later was added avocado, fresh cut strawberry’s, chopped pecans and finished with a touch of goat cheese. The texture of the salad was something i liked, it was a  colorful and tasty salad. This salad was like a spring salad, it represented some spring  colors and freshness, with the greens (avocado, spinach) , fresh red strawberry’s, pecans and white goat cheese. This was an interesting salad to do because it was a sweet salad something i have never done until now. file_000

Eunji Jeon, HW #1


This pasta is called ‘Alio Olio.’ It is very delicious and simple pasta that everyone can make. All you need is pasta noodle, garlic, hot pepper, salt, black pepper, and olive oil. First, you need to boil water for the noodle. Then cook the garlic and hot peppers on a hot fry pan with olive oil. This way, the garlic and hot pepper becomes brown and softer and the olive oil gets the tastes of two ingredients. When the noodle is finish cooking, combine the noodle, garlic, and hot pepper all together. I seasoned only with salt and black pepper. Make sure not to overcook because if I overcook, every ingredient will become too soft to chew and sticky, and lost the individuals’s tastes. I can taste little bit of spicy because of the hot pepper. The main thing I like about this pasta is the olive oil has the garlic tastes that they make a great harmony with all the other ingredient. Not too strong, just creates a great balance. If I had Parmesan cheese on the top, it would look more tasty.

homework #1

img_9691-2I took this picture a month ago, in the island Holbox, located in the peninsula north of Yucatan, Mexico. I was walking in the streets and a big box full of red bright balls with hair, caught my attention. The only thing I wanted to do was touch those red little balls with spines that looked sharp yet, were soft.  In my hands felt like thick hair and when I opened and I ate one, it was smooth, sweet, and white color.  In the center it had a white seed. This fruit is calls Rambutans and is really similar to lychee, however is not lychee.