HW #3: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Before I read Whelan’s article I looked over Capa’s photo very carefully trying to spot something that would lead me to belive that it was a staged photo. But after reviewing it I believe that the photo was not staged. Whelan article has a lot information that comes from different sources on where Capa may or may not have been during the time of the war. It dosent necessarily state facts on Capa’s whereabouts at the time the photo was even taken. The photo to me looks like the solider had been struck by something that caused him to fall back. Maybe Capa was staging the photo and the solider getting shot was something that just happened. Either way it made for a great photo with good converstation to disscuss different people opinions on whether or not it was staged.

I do beleive authenticity only matters when it can in fact be proven to be authentic. When there are different versions of a story it becomes more intresting because you begin to search for the truth, like an adventure. If you feel you have found the truth in something than it makes you feel more just in your opinion at the subject at hand.

HW #2: Food and Coffee in the Civil War

I was completely unaware of how important coffee was for the soldiers during the Civil War prior to reading the two articles. Their diet was not that great or healthy for that matter most meals consisted of meat, potatoes and a piece of bread. Although the job of The Sanitary was to take care of the soldiers health and nutrition while supplying reliable food this was overlooked most of the times because of the army’s large size. So the food that was cooked lacked in flavor and variety as the soldiers sometimes ate the same thing twice in a day. I can see how that could happen especially since they didn’t have a lot of cooking and kitchen skills at the time. So they were feed just enough to keep them from starving. Surprisingly, coffee seemed to be something that they all looked forward to during supper time. Coffee for the soldiers was a sense of comfort and safety. It powered soldiers through battle and relived the survivors afterwards. They made it from anything they could and took it everywhere with them this is how important it was to them.

I personally have a love for coffee and sometimes even depend on it to keep me going throughout the day so I can relate to the soldiers a little. I sometimes try to take a break from the caffeinated beverage because I drink it almost everyday, mostly iced coffee. But If I had to choose between food and coffee I would have to say I wouldn’t want to give up eggs. I absolutely love them, served in any form especially as a omelet and don’t forget the cheese please!

mushroomomelet scrambledeggs

Mussels without Muscules

This is a photo of a dish I made when I was in the mood for both Italian and Seafood and decided to combine the two. I normally always take a photo of the food I make so I thought this would be good to use for the homework about texture in a dish. You can see the hard shell that the mussels have similar to the bowl that their in just not as thick. The mussels also have some lines that run along the shell in a pattern but they do not affect the smoothness of the shell. The inside part is soft with a rubbery like consistency. The spaghetti texture is also seen here as a bit smooth all around yet intertwined with each other. It is cooked pasta al dente, so it still has a bit of a bite to it not like over boiled pasta that ends up more on the mushy side. The dish overall is simple yet the plate looks like a lot is going on.

Mussels without Muscles

Mussels without Muscles