HW #3: Robert Capa’s Death of a Loyalist Soldier

Before I read Whelan’s article I looked over Capa’s photo very carefully trying to spot something that would lead me to belive that it was a staged photo. But after reviewing it I believe that the photo was not staged. Whelan article has a lot information that comes from different sources on where Capa may or may not have been during the time of the war. It dosent necessarily state facts on Capa’s whereabouts at the time the photo was even taken. The photo to me looks like the solider had been struck by something that caused him to fall back. Maybe Capa was staging the photo and the solider getting shot was something that just happened. Either way it made for a great photo with good converstation to disscuss different people opinions on whether or not it was staged.

I do beleive authenticity only matters when it can in fact be proven to be authentic. When there are different versions of a story it becomes more intresting because you begin to search for the truth, like an adventure. If you feel you have found the truth in something than it makes you feel more just in your opinion at the subject at hand.

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