Upcoming deadlines and deliverables

Thursday 4/27, we’ll talk more about the outline and focus on more research in class. Here are our upcoming deadlines:

  • Outline 5/2; Podcasting tech overview
  • Annotated Bibliography 5/9 [eclassroom not avail. from 11:30 to 12:30]
  • Share Research Findings 5/11
  • Final Deliverable Assignments 5/16 (script + prelim recording) LAB recording
  • LAB recording 5/18 
  • Formal Presentation of Podcast 5/23
  • Rf 5/25

Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Archives, Thursday 4/6

In advance, please take a couple of minutes to explore the digitized material in the MTA Archives. Rebecca, one of the two archivists who work there, tells me that most of their material is not digitized! They also have another location on 130 Livingston Street near to City Tech which has a lot of Brooklyn material but can’t accommodate an entire class at once. You can visit either, as with any archive, by appointment. We will get more information when we are on site.

Since it will be raining, we will meet in the actual archives which are on the 4th floor of an office building (details below). Please be ready with questions especially if you are researching a transportation topic. As usual, bring a pencil and no flash on photography. You are expected to do the usual Archives site visit assignment.

The MTA Archives are located at 882 3rd Ave., Brooklyn 4th Floor, [between 32nd and 33rd Streets], Sunset Park/Greenwood Heights area

  1. Nearest subway station: 36th St. D, N, or R [express station] [R train takes you back to City Tech]
  2. The archives are in Industry City (if you have time, check it out afterwards)
  3. tell the guard at the sign-in desk that you’re going to the MTA Archives
  4. take the elevator
  5. door on the left when exiting the archives, ring the bell to enter
  6. call 718 613-0575 if you can’t get in to contact Rebecca or 718 613-0577 to contact Desiree the other archivist

Consider visiting the Transit Museum if possible on your own. We don’t think they give CUNY students a discount but ask.

Homework for 3/30, preliminary outline, please follow instructions

For homework for 3/30, please develop three to five bullet points in a preliminary outline. This means identifying three to five subtopics to your research question/topic.

Add it to your cloud doc for your research question after the work you’ve done so far. see https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/aptekar-berger2205sp2017/assignments/11-328-in-class-research/ for instructions …

If you did not link to your document on the shared timeline, do so now!!!

We will go over this with you again next time we’re having class on campus but try your best.

Partial repost re. NYPL Map Room, how students should prepare

Please take a look at these overviews to New York Public Library Map division and NYC Maps. Spend a little time taking a look at these: they will make Tuesday’s class more meaningful.

You can see from the overview to the library’s map collection that they have many useful resources, both in print and online, that you can use for your research. They also have software tools onsite if you eventually want to play around with comparing maps or incorporating quantitative data with maps.

Please make more of an effort to be on time this Tuesday–we want to start all our archives visits no later than 10:45.