Class Overview:
[Class:01  Date: 01/13 ]

  • Housekeeping
    • Syllabus
    • Lateness policy
    • Travel forms
    • Journal Requirements
  • Student survey
  • Spaghetti project/iterative learning AA
    • Random teams Breaking up majors
    • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxf9FCk5rV6eYl8tNkZqWlNYYTA/preview
  • Buddy system for cell phone exchange
  • HW: Reflections on Iterative

[Class:02  Date: 02/02]
The Gothic Brooklyn Bridge
Architecture revival styles

[Class:03  Date: 02/07]

  • Google mapping neighborhoods/ how do you define downtown Brooklyn
  • Pop quiz on Ken Burns: The Brooklyn Bridge movie
  • Review student homework re. Websites and how they evaluated them What is NOT in the Wikipedia article that was in the film? Anything in article that seems weak in terms of emphasis or detail?
  • Overview/ History of Brooklyn Questions
  • Introduce site observation template
    • What makes for a good site observation?
    • example from prior semesters

[Class:04  Date: 02/09]
Site visit Brooklyn Borough Hall
counsel due to snow emergency

[Class:05  Date: 02/14]

  • Google mapping neighborhoods/ how do you define downtown Brooklyn
  • Suspension bridges how do they work?
    • Workshop on suspension bridges
  • Overview/ History of Brooklyn Questions
  • Brooklyn terminations observation visit

[Class:06  Date: 02/17]
Guest lecturer official Brooklyn historian

[Class:07  Date: 02/21]
Urban design principles

  • Figure ground drawing
  • Types of cities
    • Medieval Urban Plan
    • New Urbanism
    • Imperial Roman
    • The Grid
    • Pedestrian Only
  • Sketch review

[Class:08  Date: 02/23]
Site visit Brooklyn Bridge

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