11 [3/28] In-class research

  1. Find five keywords related to your topic or question.
  2. Find one tertiary (encyclopedia) and secondary source each (book or article) related to your topic / question.
  3. Cite your two sources.

Write into our timeline Google Doc. Revise your topic or question if needed.

When you’re done, we have a quiz related to the reading, Badke ch. 2 to help you reflect on what makes a good research question.

If your topic is historic, look for material at the Brooklyn Public Library by searching the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

If your topic is not historic, try searching a library database that aligns with your topic. We’ll help you with this.

Add this material to a new cloud based document (you can use Google, OneNote, Dropbox)┬áthat links to our master timeline┬ádevoted to your research question and the sources you’ve found.

For homework, please develop three to five bullet points in a  preliminary outline. Add it to your cloud doc for your research question.