01 [2/2] Iterative

Student survey:


Homework: [for 2/2]

  • Post a one paragraph reflection on what you learned during the iterative class project, up to the classes Openlab.
  • Bring in your sketchbook/journal
  • Complete the Student Title IX training

15 thoughts on “01 [2/2] Iterative

  1. We build an architectural tower using some small tolls such as like little piece of sticks and a marshmallow. The requirement was the marshmallow shohld be on the top of the structure. The strcuture should be a tallest height compare to other groups structure. We build a tower which measured 26.5 cm height.
    This class is very exciting because the professor encourage us to build certain architectural things as a lab work, so we can actually build things physically.

  2. This class seems very interesting and hands on which I really like. For once all the students in the class are involved with each other and helping each other on a specific task. Also I really like that there are two professors, seems like the class will be more involved and organized. I am looking forward to our class trips and future activities.

  3. From our in class activity, we did the marshmallow challenge. We had to build a tower with pasta sticks as tall as possible. Thought that activity I’ve learn that communication and teamwork with your team is important to achieve something in a group.

  4. what i learn today was about teamwork and help build the marshmallow and get to know each other about what major my classmate where in. we also help each other with the project.

  5. During the iterative class I learned that you shouldn’t leave things for the last minute. Instead of planning so much we should do things ahead of time. Even if it we fail one or two times we will eventually get better results if we try more than one time. We also found out that kindergarten students did better than businessman at the building assignment that we did in class today because of the way that they approached the assignment.

  6. I learned not to leave things for the last minute. we should test prototypes before submitting final projects. just like children, we should not be afraid with failure. i also learned to take notes on my observations.

  7. What I learned today in class was how being interactive with fellow classmates is important. We worked on a exercise called “The Marshmallow Challenge” and it was very interesting to see how as a group, we have different ideas to plan and build the “tallest” tower of the materials given to us. I also learned about the classmate I was interviewing, on the student survey.

  8. I learned a lot during the iterative class project, about the course, and OpenLab. I learned more about my classmates during the project. More specifically that none of us are majoring in engineering or architecture. But we did alright on the project, third place is not bad. I learned that we would be going on field trips for the most of the class meetings. I’ve already know about OpenLab and it’s nice to use it again.

  9. Student: Liwei

    Today is the first day of LIB2250. We started with a small but very interested project. Students got into 4 groups, and each group has same simple items: string, tape, raw pasta, and one marshmallow. Our purpose was to use only these items to build a subject that should hold the marshmallow on the top. The winner’s marshmallow should stand on the highest point. My group did not do well, but I believe we can do much better if we have a strong leader. And professor show us the result from different group of people: architects group did the best job, and kindergarten kids were the No. 2. Because these kids did not get any knowledge from higher level, they are clear as white paper. That is why their imagination can go farther than adults. Meanwhile, there were other researches shows more people and long time prepare can also bring good result.

  10. The Marshmallow Tower Challenge is very interesting game. That waked me up. It gave me a great beginning for this class. The game gave us a great idea about how to start a project. Because of the limit of time, people don’t have time to wait and fail. We also need to have the courage to face the failure and try it again. It is very important to try out rather than think all the time. Because if you never go into the water, you will never learn swimming.

  11. I learned how to achieve succeed work through the class. It reminded me the research class that I took a couple semester ago in City Tech. During the semester, I kept researching to make the paper deep, specific, and organized. It was like a circulation of try and do it again. And, it can say to any work to make it success. The process, “trying” and “doing it again” is important to success.

  12. In the marshmallow challenge in the first day class, everyone from different kind of fields worked together and shared their opinions for the game. The teamwork I saw is a really great learning not only in the class but also valuable for the social work. Every team started with thinking ideas, and then shared ideas and gave actions. But these processes took so long to execute, so some teams built a high structure but some teams just failed to make the structure standing up and got a short height. The failure we made is caused by the lack of tests. If we could omit the thinking steps but just try more and more, the result would be better because we can learn from experience. So every time we do something, we should not be afraid of failure and give more tries. There is no smooth path, but we can use our experience to pass through all the difficulties.

  13. In class, the marshmallow challenge was a interesting way to start first day of class. When I heard the challenge, which team creates the tallest structure with the marshmallow on the top, I found it unbelievable. I saw each team tried their best to keep their tower stay up. My team did a great job. We did not made a plan nor talk about how to build it. We just did whatever came up our heads and trust each other. I’ve learned it takes a lot of skills and creative thinking to able to build highest structure. It was a fun and creative class activity.

  14. The marshmallow challenge was a very creative way of collecting different ideas and working together to complete an impossible task to new faces. It inspired us to put our timid expressions to the side and get comfortable with listening and responding to each other as a group. It was the best way to start the class off to witness how students from different fields were able to construct a marshmallow tower to stand firm with just one marshmallow and one string. A lot of friends I gave this story to responded the same way I did when I first laid my eyes upon the objects and heard the task after hand. However, after going through it, it inspired me to tell my friends, the impossible is possible with teamwork.

  15. Building a tower with spaghetti and marking tape sounds easy and fun but there are a lot of things to consider during the process. We had four students from different filed of studies, and everyone was super excited about the game. The first thing we decided to do was to breakdown in to two sub-team and one team had to build the foundation and one team had to build the top part which is attached to the marshmallow. After we decided, we just jumped into the towering process without any detailed discussion on how were we going to connect the two parts. I think that was the reason of the failure. From this failure, I learnt that the communication between the team members are absolutely important. Even thought I have knowledge of structure, I couldn’t make our spaghetti stand straight. The second thing I learnt was, the ability of using the given resources efficiently can lead to the success of anything.

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