14–[05/09] Annotated Bibliography

What is an annotated bibliography? This is a result of your research that helps move you towards your final project. Pick your best research finds. Here are some examples from another class.

Work with your podcast team. You should annotate 2-3 items per person. At least:

  • 1 internet or newspaper source
  • 1 archival or academicĀ source (extra points for archival or other visual content like maps or photos or ephemera when appropriate)
    • content examples:
      • archival object or image, e.g. postcard
      • archival newspaper article
      • archival map
      • archival letter or manuscript
      • current newspaper article
      • current scholarly source
      • current book
      • currentĀ map
      • currentĀ website with statistics or data, e.g. NYC Dept. of City Planning Zoning data

Create a citation for each source, formatted using MLA Style.

Write a 100 word annotation for each item in the annotated bibliography. Ā Briefly summarize the main idea of each source and provide a brief analysis of how the source relates to your podcast topic and to other sources in your bibliography. Add at least 2-3 keywords or phrases for each annotation. Put the results together into one document. Use this templateĀ BUT USE MLA STYLE.

  • List sources in alphabetical order
  • Write in formal academic style (avoid first person ā€œIā€ statements)
  • Avoid excessive quotations; instead summarize ideas in your own words

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