04 [2/16] Reflection on suspension bridge/observation sketch

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  1. Reflection on suspension bridge:

    It was an interesting and creative class project. Plus, I got to know some of my other classmates and their creativity. It was quite a challenge to make the suspension bridge especially knowing that our bridge had to support the weights of our cell phones. Thus, it took a lot more ingenuity to build our bridge to support them. However, I think that since we focused too much on the “deck” on the bridge, we did not have much time to truly focus on our anchorage. I think, that is the reason why our bridge collapsed when supporting 5 cell phones. All in all, that’s not pretty bad. Next time, I think we should focus more on the anchorage and maybe we would have a different result.

    Observation sketch:


  2. Reflection:

    Today’s class project was very challenging and hands on. It is something I enjoyed doing because my team worked well together to create a steady bridge. Although, it took some time to figure out how to actually build a proper bridge was kind of difficult considering I know nothing about architecture or building. My team mates worked together from putting straws together to taking down blocks to the table. Overall, we learned that the anchorage is the most important part which is something our bridge lacked. Now we know for next time what to spend more money on.

    My sketch is on the Brooklyn Borough Hall and here is my sketch.

  3. Today’s project was build a bridge. We used wood as main material, and we also had tape, straws, thread, and paper as well. We learnd how does a bridge work first, and figure out what is the most important part for a bridge. We used brocks to build the tower and anchor. The thread works as cable to hold surface that made by paper, and the straws can do the same job as frame structure. We started the test of our bridge’s limit of load. We find out a interesting point: when a bridge can not take any more load, the first fail part was always the anchor part. Because anchores hold everything together and tie with ground.

    For the sketch part, I choose the Brooklyn fire headsquarter:

  4. Reflection on suspension bridge

    1. I learnt the basic of building a suspension bridge. The important parts of the bridge are the anchorages, the deck, the towers and suspension cables. The anchorages are the pressure points of the whole bridge, all the weight of the live loads flow into the anchorages by creating stresses on the deck and cables. Having strong foundation structure for the anchorages will definitely helps the bridge to have more occupation spaces.

    2. In term of the structure of the deck we can’t really tell our bridge is strong enough because we were testing our bridge in the class without any wind load or any lateral loads. Just like Tacoma Narrows Bridge that collapsed in 1940, our bridge doesn’t have any structure or support under the deck. So I think ours will cause aeroelastic vibration and will be collapsed just like the Narrows Bridge if there were wind load applied.

    3. I learnt that the cabling is as important as the others structures as well. Since it is suspension bridge, both the weight of the deck and the live loads will be hung by the suspenders. So the connection between the horizontal cable and vertical cables should be strong enough to hold all the weights. And the angle of the cable from the anchorage should be calculated in order to reduce the extra forces.

    4. Lastly, I think we can design our towers of the bridge more pretty, because I learnt that putting weights on the towers do not help in order to stabilize the bridge.

  5. Reflection on Suspension Bridge:

    The class project was very creative. Everyone had to divide into groups and we had to build a bridge that went between two tables. It took a lot of time and extra planning before we build it. My classmates and I were working on the structure and shape of the actual bridge tower, and the other classmates worked on how the deck can stay without it collapsing. I think the major thing I learned about this project is how important the anchorages are, because they were the main reason why our bridge collapsed due to not having it stable, after putting 5 phones on it. I think we needed to spend more time focusing on the anchorages, and less time planning the little parts of the bridge. It also interest me to see different classmate’s ideas and how creative we can all get.

    Observation Sketch:


  6. Today’s class project is very invention. To building a suspension bridge model across on two table by using few block paper, tap and strew. I think the most difficult part is to cooperate with new teammate and the time is limit. When we just started building it. Our team have boys and girls. Girls wanted to build a gorgeous structure. In contrast, boys liked a simple plain design. Then, we had a consensus to make a gorgeous bridge tower. However, during the construction, boys’ tower kept felling down, Therefore, girls needed to build to towers and boys construct the bridge and the cable. We reinforced the towers several times, because we believed the tower will fall apart first. But after putting 7 cellphones on the bridge. The anchorage was the first part fail. In this lesson, I learn the most import things is get to cooperate is very important. Suspension bridge indeed held a lot of force. We cannot believe we can hold 7 cellphone on the bridge. However, we should not overlook the important of the anchorage.

    Observation Sketch:

  7. Reflection on Suspension Bridge:

    In today’s class the most interesting and challenging part was to make a suspension bridge using small wood blocks, ribbon, tape, paper and our creative mind of course. I got to know some of my classmates whom I have worked with throughout the project. I think architectural stuffs sounds like easy, but it’s really not and the worst experience was when we made the bridge and it’s collapsed twice. But we did not lose hopes and we made a well -organized and furnished bridge with beautiful two anchorages and deck. The “deck” should be strong because the weight on the bridge is related on the base and it’s connected to the deck of both sides of the bridge. We put 4 phones on the bridge and it was still in the same position, but however it collapsed when 5th phone added on the bridge. But in the class we had much fun when working with as a group. We were very excited to see how others work done and that was the coolest part because we can learn something how they made their own. Overall, it was very cool, making a bridge with elementary stuffs and a great experience to work with my classmates.

    Observation Sketch of Brooklyn Bridge:

  8. Reflection on suspension bridge:
    In the process of building a bridge, we used wood blocks to create the towers and anchors as the main structures to for the bridge. The strings, which connect the anchors in one side, the bridge towers and the anchors in the other side, work as the suspenders of a bridge. Then we use straws to connect the strings and the deck(paper) vertically as the cables of the bridge. At the end, we testified the bridge by putting phones on top of it. The result is that the bridge collapsed after putting 4 phones on top of it. in this study, I have learnt that to make a structure possible, the first thing is to create the fixed points which is the outline of the structure. And then we should find out how to make the structure keep stable and strong. The last thing is to do the tests to make sure everything is in a right direction. Also, we should keep our mind to keep trying until the best solution coming up.

    Observation Sketch:
    300 ASHLAND (@ 300 Ashland Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11217)

  9. The class project that we have was pretty intresting because we get to work together as we form two group. One group was to build one half of the bridge and the other group would do the other half of it. The challageing part was trying to combine the bridge and form a deck that could support the weight. We through that it would help but as it turn out after we finish building it and testing it that it wasn’t the deck that we create can support the weight it was the anchor was the most important part of it that would have support the weight of it. The thing that i learn most was no matter what type of bridge that people make if the anchor is not strong enough then the whole bridge would fall.

    Observation Sketch

  10. For the class session we had an assignment to create a suspension bridge similar to The Brooklyn Bridge using small wooden blocks, strings, straws, tapes and paper for the walkway. It was quite difficult at first. Our group had to think of strategies with each other and figure out the tower foundation first, then comes the rest. After finishing the bridge we managed to hold the bridge with a few iPhone 7 plus. Eventually it collapsed because one of the abutment were not strong enough. Overall I learned that activities like this can stimulate the brain to work together and solve problems.


  11. Reflection:
    What I learned through creating hand-made bridge is importunateness of the basement of the bridge. Abutments are the most priority key element to make a suitable bridge because they support the entire bridge. It is connected to everything, which is including deck, towers, and suspension cables. After the bridge completed, we tried to put our phones, and then the first part that started breaking down was the one side of the abutment due to reach to the capacity of our bridge’s weight limited. I thought that the most principal element of the bridge was the strangeness of the connection with towers, deck and cable, and we focused on proper connection among them. However, abutments are the one actually supporting and pulling out every structure of the bridge. Also, the video that we watched afterword, gave me some sense of the structure for the suitable bridge.

    Observation sketch:

  12. The reflection on suspension bridge was really interesting and fun to do. In the beginning I was really confused on how are we going to build a bridge towers. My team was creative and we were able to communicate with the other team and help each other. It was interesting using blocks and straws and strings. However, towards the end, my team tested the bridge by putting 6 phones. Unfortunately, the bridge collapsed. After watching the video in class and I realized the reason the bridge tower wasn’t success because my team and I were focused on the bridge towers, and taping the blocks tower. We did not focus on the anchor and that was the important thing because it holds everything together. I’ve learned, to build a bridge, we should focus every detail and ever part of the bridge.

  13. Reflection. Building a bridge with my classmates improved my hands on skills. I learned the basics on how to maintain a structure like a bridge. We used straws and wood blocks which made a solid bridge with most in the class holding 4-5 cellphones. Different designs of bridges do not make it impossible to have a strong bridge.The anchor is the most important piece in a bridge due to it being what maintains it strong and standing. Nevertheless, every part of a bridge plays an important role. After the fall of my group’s bridge in the cellphone test, I would like to build a stronger anchor to test my bridge’s strength.

  14. Reflection- Before creating the model I thought to myself I thought, where are the strongest points? By looking at a bridge you it may appear that the tower, the ropes and deck are doing the hard work, so we spent a lot of time reinforcing the deck and tower and less time on the anchors. As we created our masterpiece I knew our bridge would hold up a few phones because we really reinforced our deck really well. Our bridge was able to hold 5 phones before collapsing, (which was OK i guess) and the reason it collapse was not because of the tower or deck but because of the anchors. Which surprised me and most of us in class.
    I think that after this exercise, I will be more focus on the location and size of the anchors when I cross the bridge, not the cables and tower.

    Observation Sketch: From the corner of Washington St and Water St.

  15. Today’s class was very interesting. The task of erecting a suspension bridge spanning from the margins of neighboring tables with straw, paper, tape and blocks in teams of four was very inventive. Especially being a visual learner. I also like the fact that we worked in teams allowing our ideas to come together to for fill the task. From my observation, our bridge failed due to weak connections and the not enough suspension straws. But overall the experience was enjoyable.

    Observational Sketch: Brooklyn Borogh Hall https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-ed-F3-CHRzZXdfNUhvN0JHTjg

  16. Today’s class was very interesting. The task of erecting a suspension bridge spanning from the margins of neighboring tables with straw, paper, tape and blocks in teams of four was very inventive. Especially being a visual learner. I also like the fact that we worked in teams allowing our ideas to come together to for fill the task. From my observation, our bridge failed due to weak connections and the not enough suspension straws. But overall the experience was enjoyable.

    Observational Sketch:

  17. Our assignment in class was to create a suspension bridge with block, string, tape and straw. At first it seemed really challenging to build a suspension bridge with this equipment. But after gathering ideas and thinking outside of the box we were able to successfully complete a suspension bridge. We focused more on the towers and deck of the bridge thinking that this was the main part of bridge. We the tested the bridges strength by placing up to 5 phone on the deck. We then found out that we did not focus enough on a huge part of the bridge which were the anchorages and that is what caused for the bridge to collapse. If we would have made the anchorages stronger we would have been able to put more weight on it without it collapsing.

    Observational Sketch:

  18. the task we got was to build a Suspension bridge out of limited Tools. it was a interesting Project to showed us to start working together in groups. we learned to try different trials of our bridge. we wont get the job done perfectly until it is tested a couple of times. i learned that no matter how simple the design came out to be it was still no match to gravity.


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