Course Readings

Annotated Bibliography, City Tech Library:

Architectural Technology Subject Guide, City Tech Library:

Baker, Nicholson. “The Charms of Wikipedia.” The New York Review of Books. 20 Mar 2008. 55(4)

Bustillos, Maria. “Wikipedia and the Death of the Expert.” The Awl. 17 May 2011.

Dalzell, Rebecca. “The Whiskey Wars that Left Brooklyn in Ruins.” 18 Nov 2014.

Digital Archives Materials, Purdue OWL:

Evaluating Internet Sources, University of Illinois Libraries:

Evaluating Sources, City Tech Library:

Historic Maps as Historian’s Evidence, Newberry Library:

How Search Works, Google:

How to Use Prezi, Oregon State University:

Introduction to Archives, Purdue OWL:

Is It Plagiarism Yet? Purdue OWL:

Li, Shirley. WikiGalaxy: A visualization of Wikipedia Rabbit Holes:

Library terminology [new, 2017]

Loingsigh, Eamon. “The Power of Family Lore: Uncovering Brooklyn’s ‘Auld Irishtown’.” Brooklyn Daily Eagle. 8 Apr 2013.’s-“auld-irishtown”-2013-04-08-193600

Making Sense of Maps, George Mason University and the American Social History Project, CUNY

McCandless, David. “The Beauty of Data Visualization.” [Video]. Ted Talks. July 2010.

Primary, secondary, and tertiary sources, Virginia Tech University Libraries:

Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing, Purdue OWL:

Rothman, Joshua. “Why is Academic Writing So Academic.” New Yorker. 20 Feb. 2014.

Spacial Data on the Internet

Students Can’t Access Essential Research

Vida Maliene, Vytautas Grigonis, Vytautas Palevičius, and Sam Griffiths. “Geographic Information
System: Old Principles with New Capabilities.” URBAN DESIGN International 16.1 (2011): 1. (handout)

What are archives and how do they differ from libraries? Society of American Archivists:

What are primary sources? Yale University Libraries:

Why and How to Avoid Plagiarism, City Tech Library:

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