10 [3/21] Feedback from your classmates

Write up the feedback you got on your question from your classmate OR scan and post the link to the scan.

14 thoughts on “10 [3/21] Feedback from your classmates

  1. Question: How does the transportation of the Brooklyn bridge changes over time?

    Answer: There are various changes that brought changes and impacts on the transportation system. Due to making of the huge and strong bridge the population of the lower Manhattan and Brooklyn area is increased. Most of the Govt. buildings are in the lower Manhattan area and for this almost like all the Subway trains are stops in this area. There are many residential buildings in the other part of the bridge where the Brooklyn borough hall is situated.

  2. Question:
    How Brooklyn Bridge affects to sustainable tourism?

    Andrew: Being one of the oldest landmark in Brooklyn and for the bridge to be still standing there, it helps and encourages tourists local and international to appreciate the environment.

    Cesar: What type of people visit the bridge what countries visits the bridge more often?

  3. Current Research Question:
    How has the Bk Bridge changed during the Jazz Age through WWI & II (1899-1945)?

    Liwei: “Try to do research of cultures, population, of the change of technology?”
    Christy: “Great question. Are you focusing it dust on the architecture part of it?”
    Prof. Aptekar: Suggests looking at a different timeline since there might not be a lot of changes during the timeline I’ve chosen.

  4. Research Question:
    How has the security measures for the Brooklyn Bridge changed since 9/11?

    How many security personnel does the bridge currently have? – Kenneth

    What are ways to improve security efficiently in case of an emergency? improve emergency access for security personals? – Andre

  5. Research Question:
    How the iconography and symbolism of the Brooklyn Bridge was portrayed during the Jazz Age?

    I like that this question is relating to the music era and it sounds interesting -Alexandra
    Do you have a specific time period? – Alexandra

    During what time of year are you focusing this question? – Ruth
    Why does it interest you? – Ruth

  6. Research Question: What role did Emily Warren Roebling play in Brooklyn Bridge construction?

    Christy: What was her personal life, and how did she interact with other architects.

    Kenneth: How did she help her husband in the construction of Brooklyn Bridge.

  7. Research question
    How did the Brooklyn bridge change the railroad system during construction?

    Huiying: focus on the influence when the railroad open to the public
    huiying : the railroad bring bring benefits on the economy traffic tourism etc on the neighborhood

    be more specific on a perios of time to focus on
    ex.focus on when they eliminates on the railroad of the bridge . how did it affect trans

  8. Research question
    How did the population in Brooklyn change right after the Brooklyn bridge was built?

    Cesar- research on the demographics of Brooklyn from when the bridge was finished to early 1900s
    Jiamian- make your question a bit more narrow. Look for a more specific topic.

  9. effects the Brooklyn bridge had on transportation ?

    1) you should be more specific about what type of transport is being effected, who does the transportation effect?

    2)that would be interesting if you can find out why train were taken off from the Brooklyn Bridge-Tsuyaki

  10. What can we improve for the sides of brooklyn bridge in the future?

    1. Analzye the different between past and now to see what were changed, and it will help to figure what should we improve.

    2. Population and technology, will be two key words.

  11. Question: How has the Brooklyn bridge changed Downtown Brooklyn?

    1. “Need to focus it more (tourist and transportation)”

    2. “During what time of the year are you focusing your question? Why does it interest you?”

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