Get there early and leave late … getting the most out of our archives visits

When we go to an archive or library, try to do the following:

  1. get there early and leave late–use that time to do some research or talk to the expert librarians and archivists who work there
  2. check out their website
  3. try to search for material related to your research topic by using the our research page
  4. don’t forget to use the MTA trip planner and not just Google Maps. Try to get travel information in real time on your phone using the many free travel apps available.

Fieldtrip, Tues. 4/4, New York Public Library Map Room

Please meet in Room 216 of New York Public Library, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building [the main library with the lions in front] at 10:30 sharp. We are not meeting in the Map Room. 

Be ready with questions related to your research for Artis, the librarian who will be showing the maps to us. I’ve asked him to also talk a little bit about technology tools that work with maps and data that will help you analyze how neighborhoods have changed. We will be looking more at fire insurance maps and more.

Here is a link to the Google map to get to New York Public Library.

Use the archives template for archives visits, more instructions

Most of you used the wrong form for our visit to NY Historical Society. I bumped everyone up a few points to accommodate for the confusion related to that. For our next three field trips, which are all to archives or libraries, use the correct template:

This link is in the right side bar on the homepage for the class.

Also, focus on what you are learning from the archival objects and do not sketch or draw the building or other objects that have nothing to do with our visit. Try, generally, to ask questions stimulated by the archival items. Many of you, I noticed, asked great general questions about archives so that was nice! But next time, try to focus on what you can learn from the objects.

New York Public Library Map Room, 3/14/17

Preparing a little for Tuesday’s field trip, I found these overviews to New York Public Library Map division and NYC Maps. Spend a little time taking a look at these: they will make Tuesday’s class more meaningful.

You can see from the overview to the library’s map collection that they have many useful resources, both in print and online, that you can use for your research. They also have software tools onsite if you eventually want to play around with comparing maps or incorporating quantitative data with maps.

I am waiting to hear back from Artis, the librarian who will do our workshop, about details related to coat check and other restrictions like pens. I will post a map and other details when I know more.

Please make more of an effort to be on time this Tuesday–we want to start all our archives visits no later than 10:45.


NY Historical Society, 3/9, update

Update! Thurs. 3/9/17 we’re going to the NY Historical Society 77th St. & Central Park West.

Meet specifically at the entrance on Central Park West. Remember to bring: 5 sheets of paper and a pencil! We may also be able to bring in our sketchbooks. Photography is allowed without flash. We will be expected to check out bags, coats, etc.