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final project idea ( Antonio Griffith )

I will shoot portrait of people. I am going to graphically edit statues faces with human face seeing both sides. I am also thinking about doing some who body shot of models and they will be in the same pose as a statue then incorporate them with the statues using certain parts. I will light my subject depending on the light on the statue.  This project will serve to show my photography skills and graphic design skills.

3 Para, Trip Description (Antonio Griffith

The first exhibition we went to was for the Chinese photo book at the Aperture Magazine headquarters. I have never been in that buildings before where this exhibition was but I sure liked it at first site. I visit some galleries in Chelsea a few weeks before this trip and did not see this one. I did not like the exhibition as much because it was so much history going on when the tour lady was explaining to me. Each section of this exhibition was different to emphasize certain points about the Chinese culture at that particular time in history. What I did liked about what I saw there was the Aperture Magazine. I like the magazine because of the weird front cover along with other creative weird images that made me say wow.


The second exhibition from artist Jimmy Nelson I saw before  2 – 3 weeks with my friend. This trip reminded me on how good the photographs were at this gallery. I pretty much like all the photographs there because it captures a culture I have never seen before. Most photographs like myself do not get the chance to photograph these subject matter that was displayed in the exhibition. The images were so raw because these people are living in poverty compare to the American culture and the way they decorate themselves with raw material. The decoration they have on their body is part of their culture and is not just put on for the photographs. I wish I could travel to places like Jimmy Nelson and photograph exotic subjects we don’t see everyday.


The last exhibition “Public Eye” was pretty good as well. It felt like a museum because of how the design of the building inside. My favorite piece was the photograph of a wide landscape. The photograph was multiple shots of the town put together to look like one shot. The photo was taking by Eadweard J. Muybridge. The photograph was a 360 degree panorama from one of San Francisco’s tallest hills. I got inspire when I saw this shot because I feel like I can do it myself one day. The feel of the photo gave a dreamy feel as if I want to go there and see how the people live there. Also made me feel hope about life and making me feel like I want create art because I love it so much.

RR5 ( Antonio Griffith )

The poem “She being Brand” by e.e. cummings is about a man driving his new car and being excited to be inside of it. The way I know he is excited to have this car is when he said ” avenue I touched the accelerator and give her the juice, good( it was the first ride and believe I we was happy to see how nice”. He is describing he is happy to be driving his new car for the first time. The other association meaning most people would get from reading this people is that the man is having sex. I know the man word choice relates to sex because of it being flirtatious. How I know the poem make me feel like he is talking about sex is when the the guy says “I went right to it flooded-the-carburetor cranked her up,slipped the clutch (and then somehow got into reverse she kicked war the hell)”.

The poem “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968” by Phillip Levine is also talking about a man in a car driving. The way I know this poem talks about cars is the word choice of using car names such as Ford, Cadillac, Lincoln, and Chevy. The poem says “Ford Rouge sulfurs the sun, Cadillac, Lincoln, Chevy gray”. Those words will are a literally associate with cars because they are car companies themselves. I get a sense of driving when the author of the poem wrote “near the freeway you stop and wonder what came off”. The guy was driving and stop or possibly still driving.

Both poems are giving hints that the car is referred as a girl because of the word “her”. The e.e. cummings poem is more of a happy and excited tone poem and the poem “Coming Home, Detroit, 1968 is more of a serious and calm tone that is somewhat depressing. One example of knowing that this poem is in a depressing tone is when the author wrote “recall the snowstorm where you lost it all, the wolverine, the northern bear, the wolf”. These animals are fierce and dangerous so no one will associate it with happiness.

RR4 ( Antonio Griffith )

Plato’s Cave video is showing us how the slaves saw images from shadow off the wall but they don’t know if it is real. The slave see these images and wonder what they are because the shadow is black. They can’t see any detail or color from the shadow so it is hard to identity what is what. The idea of this is to say that any images taking from camera is not real but a moment captured by someone and for you to know if it is real you have to see if to believe it.

Susan Sontag use the metaphor of Plato’s cave to say that you have to experience the world in order for you to know what objects are truly real in a photographed because photos can lie. Photos aren’t reality but they are just frozen moment of something that might exist one or happened once. Because people in today’s world is expose to more photographs than ever before they can learn quick about what is real from what is reality sometimes. The slaves did not know what is a photograph or know what exist because they were tied up and did not experience anything else but the wall. When one of the slaves got to see the light he was confused and happy to experience something new he never knew exist. For photographs or anyone to know what is real they have to be in that place or see a image of something to think or know it is real. When people look at photographs they experience what can be real because the photograph is a image of what the photographer saw before he click the shutter. In Plato’s Cave the slaves learn that those were images of something off the wall from the wall but did not know what.

RR3 Vanitas ( Antonio Griffith )

The style of Dutch 17th and 18th Century still life painting is always using nature life subjects in their composition along side with complementary colors. This painting style creates morality by giving symbolizes of life and death. For example one of the painting has fruits such as grapes, and berries(forgot the other fruits name). The fruit can symbolize life because it grows and has life and also could represent death because it dies out if it do not get nourish. The lizard is a symbolize of life and death in the painting because he could kill and also it can die. I basically think this painting style uses living organisms. Anything that has life grows and then later dies out.


These Dutch paintings from 17th and 18th century still life uses dark construct with the background being dark(black) and in the photographs they use dark background with good contact against the foreground objects. The photographs also has nature(fruits) just like what the paintings have. I think the vanitas metaphor is effective in the photos because when people see fruits they will think of it as good and sweet. When they see the other objects such as the good they will associate it with death and dangerous.

RR2 Differentiate ( Antonio Griffith )

The Ad for Chanel N5 with Catherine Deneuve and the other ad for Babe presume is different in a way they portray women in society. The advertisers from Chanel portray Catherine as being beautiful as she already is and associating her beauty to have a link with the Chanel perfume. Viewers who know or don’t know Catherine may think this woman is beautiful and feminine because of her makeup and cloths used in the ad. As for the ad for Babe presumer the viewer will think that Catherine is a little tougher than she is normally viewed by ads or her modeling career. The babe perfume has Catherine wearing karate cloths and her hair tied back to seem almost like a guy. The babe ad did a good job because people will associated someone at a karate gym to be tuff and strong.  Also they company Babe is trying to be different from other perfume companies who would normally make a glamour shot for their perfume bottle. The Chanel ad is so simple and straight forward because they only have a headshot of Catherine and the bottle right below her. They are using a system of signs where they know who Catherine is and how good she is of a person to the public eye to sell their Chanel Perfume. The ad does not have much text but by looking at the setup you automatic think of Catherine as being beautiful and what she has done. The viewers would say wow she is beautiful. The viewers will think many things such as, wow who is this person, wow she is pretty, how did they get her to be in this ad, and why is this ad only a headshot of her etc. The ad for Babe perfume can also sue a glamour shot Catherine but on this ad they decided to do things different so their product can stand out more. Ads are always suppose to make products different from each other for competition.

Antonio Griffith HW1 Advertising Campaign Analysis

The Campaign I picked was from New Balance sneaker and the photographer was Lori Adamski-Peek. It was made during the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness. You can’t use New Balance to cure breast cancer but what the ad is trying to say is “here ladies before you get cancer or already have it, you can use our shoes to run and keep healthy because they are running shoes.” The ad is also letting people know that they care about cancer and it helps refresh people that New Balance is still around as a company for more profit in their business. The ad is specifically targeting women because they are the ones who get breast cancer majority of the time. Only using women figures photographically is powerful to any woman looking at this ad on Tv or print. Since new balance is a running shoes they have all the people in the photographs wear sporty clothing to give consistency. Everyone in the photos are in action from jogging to exercising so it emphasizes on the health aspect on what can help prevent breast cancer. What help me realize what this ad was about has to be the color of the text being pink and the body copy itself.


All the photographs in this ad is taking at eye level and all have a sense of depth of field focusing on one subject and slightly blurring out the person next to them and the background. Another thing that help with keep the cohesive aspect is that all of their subjects are outside and not indoors. We can not forget that the color pink is found on the sneakers, cloths and the text to help with consistency too.

I think this ad is a mirror concept because it is a idea that is very planned by the photographer to convey to the audience that these shoes are for exercising. The ad is a mirror concept with photography because instead of putting the subject indoors he placed them outside to be shot for the ad on purpose. The background of every photo has nature in it to represent life and a sense of energy with the natural sunlight.


Mirrors and Windows ( Antonio Griffith )

Robert Frank meaning on the mirror idea means that people are going to experience different outcome on the same life situation. Not everyone is going to experience how to tie their shoe, or how to drive a car. We all have different people and things we interact with so we will definitely experience things different. Even though we have different experience we can still relate to the problem. Basically what I am trying to say it that the mirror concept in photographs will have something that is always going to be reflected back into our idea of life. As for the meaning on the window concept from Robert Frank it means that idea of freedom and endless possibilities.


In the photograph with the three females, the mom and her two daughters is a mirror concept from Robert Frank because he is creating a story that is in his head. He created a real life conflict with mom and daughter. Robert is basically making a mirror image on life that could possibility happen to you or not. I would say the mirror concepts are situations that make the viewer stuck on that one area on the photograph as for the window concept it have you wondering about every other subject matter in the photo with a sense of freedom.


In the photograph with the baby running out the house garage is a window concept from Robert Frank before this idea is like you looking out the window and seeing what is real. This window concept is not planned as much in his head. The window concept you can say is him capturing life or things as it is already without much planning and it still have you thinking what is going on. From the images I have seen today from Robert his window images always involve scenery landscapes with a subject matter. The scenery landscape style gives a sense of freedom to the point you wonder what is beyond life in the sky. Robert two window concept  photographs I have seen is always giving me perspective and a sense of freedom. It gives me a sense of free thought to analyze the photo any how I want. As for a mirror concept you get one or less possibility on what you can say is going on because most things are planned.