Antonio Griffith HW1 Advertising Campaign Analysis

The Campaign I picked was from New Balance sneaker and the photographer was Lori Adamski-Peek. It was made during the month of October for Breast Cancer Awareness. You can’t use New Balance to cure breast cancer but what the ad is trying to say is “here ladies before you get cancer or already have it, you can use our shoes to run and keep healthy because they are running shoes.” The ad is also letting people know that they care about cancer and it helps refresh people that New Balance is still around as a company for more profit in their business. The ad is specifically targeting women because they are the ones who get breast cancer majority of the time. Only using women figures photographically is powerful to any woman looking at this ad on Tv or print. Since new balance is a running shoes they have all the people in the photographs wear sporty clothing to give consistency. Everyone in the photos are in action from jogging to exercising so it emphasizes on the health aspect on what can help prevent breast cancer. What help me realize what this ad was about has to be the color of the text being pink and the body copy itself.


All the photographs in this ad is taking at eye level and all have a sense of depth of field focusing on one subject and slightly blurring out the person next to them and the background. Another thing that help with keep the cohesive aspect is that all of their subjects are outside and not indoors. We can not forget that the color pink is found on the sneakers, cloths and the text to help with consistency too.

I think this ad is a mirror concept because it is a idea that is very planned by the photographer to convey to the audience that these shoes are for exercising. The ad is a mirror concept with photography because instead of putting the subject indoors he placed them outside to be shot for the ad on purpose. The background of every photo has nature in it to represent life and a sense of energy with the natural sunlight.


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  1. rmichals

    I think this campaign is pretty complex. Tbe photos themselves look straightforward. The tag line about October is meant to reference breast cancer awareness but October is also a great month for runners- not too hot and not too cold. There is a level in this ad where the tag line doesn’t reference breast cancer at all but implies if you buy the sneakers every month will be pleasant. I think the women in the photos don’t really look like they are exercising. I agree that they are mirrors in the Szarkowski sense.


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