Barrington Simpson Hw1: Ad Campaign Analysis

The Homewood Suites campaign,done by the Van Winkle agency and  shot by photographer Dana Neibert, appears to target recruits  within  the military. The print ads are basically Polaroids of military veterans interacting with their families which they have been away from. The setting for the areas are set in  typical family environment. Whether its their son learning how to ride a bike, thanksgiving diner or a ball game.  The ads use the tagline “For all those moments you missed to serve us, its our turn to serve you” So from this and the name of the campaign its is easy to assume the literal meaning of the ads. The ads was created to advertise Homwood Suites that would be a great place for the veteran and their family to catch up during their return home. The ads also give off the feel of bonding and  relaxation, as they rem anise on all the things you missed while you were away.

In terms of photographic styles, most of the print ads are lit and arranged in similar ways. All of them whether intentional or not seem to have glowing light. Except for the first and last ads, the rest are all set in the outdoors and as such would have seem to have been shot in natural light. So depicting on the location of the sun that is where the light source would arise from and even thou the first ad is set indoors, the glowing light  is still present in this situation. Another visual style i noticed is that most of the pictures have low contrast and in relation to the Polaroid and picture background there is a lot of shallow depth of field. From simply viewing the ads its clear that they all are mirrors. They are all meant to give that nostalgic feeling, the longing for what you have been missing  which sparks the human emotions. All in all i say this was a great set of ads and have done their work well.



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  1. rmichals

    You describe the ads well. I would say however that the intension of the ads isn’t as straightforward as you say. By associating their hotel chain with veterans they create a positive image. They also get the association of home with their hotel. They get all of this for a offering a small discount to veterans.


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