3 Para, Trip Description (Antonio Griffith

The first exhibition we went to was for the Chinese photo book at the Aperture Magazine headquarters. I have never been in that buildings before where this exhibition was but I sure liked it at first site. I visit some galleries in Chelsea a few weeks before this trip and did not see this one. I did not like the exhibition as much because it was so much history going on when the tour lady was explaining to me. Each section of this exhibition was different to emphasize certain points about the Chinese culture at that particular time in history. What I did liked about what I saw there was the Aperture Magazine. I like the magazine because of the weird front cover along with other creative weird images that made me say wow.


The second exhibition from artist Jimmy Nelson I saw before  2 – 3 weeks with my friend. This trip reminded me on how good the photographs were at this gallery. I pretty much like all the photographs there because it captures a culture I have never seen before. Most photographs like myself do not get the chance to photograph these subject matter that was displayed in the exhibition. The images were so raw because these people are living in poverty compare to the American culture and the way they decorate themselves with raw material. The decoration they have on their body is part of their culture and is not just put on for the photographs. I wish I could travel to places like Jimmy Nelson and photograph exotic subjects we don’t see everyday.


The last exhibition “Public Eye” was pretty good as well. It felt like a museum because of how the design of the building inside. My favorite piece was the photograph of a wide landscape. The photograph was multiple shots of the town put together to look like one shot. The photo was taking by Eadweard J. Muybridge. The photograph was a 360 degree panorama from one of San Francisco’s tallest hills. I got inspire when I saw this shot because I feel like I can do it myself one day. The feel of the photo gave a dreamy feel as if I want to go there and see how the people live there. Also made me feel hope about life and making me feel like I want create art because I love it so much.

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