RR2 Differentiate ( Antonio Griffith )

The Ad for Chanel N5 with Catherine Deneuve and the other ad for Babe presume is different in a way they portray women in society. The advertisers from Chanel portray Catherine as being beautiful as she already is and associating her beauty to have a link with the Chanel perfume. Viewers who know or don’t know Catherine may think this woman is beautiful and feminine because of her makeup and cloths used in the ad. As for the ad for Babe presumer the viewer will think that Catherine is a little tougher than she is normally viewed by ads or her modeling career. The babe perfume has Catherine wearing karate cloths and her hair tied back to seem almost like a guy. The babe ad did a good job because people will associated someone at a karate gym to be tuff and strong.  Also they company Babe is trying to be different from other perfume companies who would normally make a glamour shot for their perfume bottle. The Chanel ad is so simple and straight forward because they only have a headshot of Catherine and the bottle right below her. They are using a system of signs where they know who Catherine is and how good she is of a person to the public eye to sell their Chanel Perfume. The ad does not have much text but by looking at the setup you automatic think of Catherine as being beautiful and what she has done. The viewers would say wow she is beautiful. The viewers will think many things such as, wow who is this person, wow she is pretty, how did they get her to be in this ad, and why is this ad only a headshot of her etc. The ad for Babe perfume can also sue a glamour shot Catherine but on this ad they decided to do things different so their product can stand out more. Ads are always suppose to make products different from each other for competition.

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  1. rmichals

    You use the expression “a system of signs.” Certainly, the point of the Williamson piece is that advertising is a system of signs and the meaning of one ad is dependent on other ads. the Babe ad makes sense because we know more stereotypical perfume ads like the one with Catherine Deneuve.


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