RR4 ( Antonio Griffith )

Plato’s Cave video is showing us how the slaves saw images from shadow off the wall but they don’t know if it is real. The slave see these images and wonder what they are because the shadow is black. They can’t see any detail or color from the shadow so it is hard to identity what is what. The idea of this is to say that any images taking from camera is not real but a moment captured by someone and for you to know if it is real you have to see if to believe it.

Susan Sontag use the metaphor of Plato’s cave to say that you have to experience the world in order for you to know what objects are truly real in a photographed because photos can lie. Photos aren’t reality but they are just frozen moment of something that might exist one or happened once. Because people in today’s world is expose to more photographs than ever before they can learn quick about what is real from what is reality sometimes. The slaves did not know what is a photograph or know what exist because they were tied up and did not experience anything else but the wall. When one of the slaves got to see the light he was confused and happy to experience something new he never knew exist. For photographs or anyone to know what is real they have to be in that place or see a image of something to think or know it is real. When people look at photographs they experience what can be real because the photograph is a image of what the photographer saw before he click the shutter. In Plato’s Cave the slaves learn that those were images of something off the wall from the wall but did not know what.

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  1. rmichals

    Ok. so take it one step further. If photos lie, what about a world (like ours) where so many people know what they know about the world from photographs?


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