Based on the reading that we do today, I have learned a lot from it. When we shooting the photos, there is a relationship between the object and the person itself. Such as Catherine’s face and the bottle of the Channel perfume. It doesn’t means that the shape of the bottle is the same with Catherine’s face, but yet, there is meanings between them.  In this ad, there is 2 different objects but presenting the same meaning. As we know, Catherine Deneuve is very famous in magazines and films, that is what people can think of when they look at her face. Her face represents her history, with honor and significance. Therefore, the ad for Channel N5 is meaning the same thing, which is it represents the world of consumer goods, and it also give the readers a feeling of high quality product.


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  1. rmichals

    This section of the piece by Williamson is called “Differentiation.” It is about how two kinds of perfume are differentiated in advertising. Your response did not get to this comparison. For the next reading response, think about the meaning of the whole passage and write a response to the whole reading.


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