Differentiation R2: Marielos Osorio


Based on the reading we had in class, I can conclude that Ads are here to change your perspective about products. Brands need to be different from each other, but that does not mean that the product is different necessarily. The products are associated with an ‘image.’ This image can affect the way people perceive this product. For example, if a famous soccer player wears something from the brand NIKE, then people will associated the successful life of the soccer player with the product itself. Technically, the product and the famous person have to have a relationship at some point. Additionally, if the famous person is not known around the world, then this impact is lost. But in most cases, the ad reaches its market audience. Furthermore, the ‘image’ of a famous person can be change. For instance, if a woman needs to show a strong ‘image’ then she would be shown differently. It would be more of a ‘fighter image.’ All depends on the product.

1 thought on “Differentiation R2: Marielos Osorio

  1. rmichals

    You make a clear distinction between the actual product and the brand. Just as there is a difference between the person who becomes a celebrity and the image of the celebrity. And as you state if something damages the image of the celebrity, his or her endorsement might not only lose its worth but become negative.


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