David S RR2- Differentiation

Judith Williams argument is about how Advertisements that has a specific look when it is designed for a specific product and expect a certain response towards it, is compared to ads that is for the same type of product but gives it a different image on how it is portrayed. Williams describe how in the Chanel ad, they gave it a feminine look with a french beauty, while in a different ad with the product Babe, same type of product, is being shown with a tom-boy looking female doing martial art representing a perfume product. I would agree with Judith Williams because some ads shouldn’t be on a one way track, there should be more options to help with a more broader audience.

1 thought on “David S RR2- Differentiation

  1. rmichals

    I am not sure what you agree with. Her argument isn’t just that different kinds of ads for similar products reach different audiences but that these different ads depend on each other for meaning.


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