Final Project

For my final project, I want to take photos for an H&M Fall/Winter clothing catalog. I really like the brand and it is a go-to for many of my peers. It’s a fast-fashion brand that focuses much on millennials and older Gen-Z. They cater to both street and sophisticated styles. Offering some loud and also clean clothing, they have an outfit for any occasion. With basic and classic pieces, for both their streetwear and more casual looks, the brand is pretty versatile. They’re competitors are Zara and Forever 21, with H&M standing more as a middle-ground between the two.

The images I want to take will all include people, but some will have a stronger focus on the clothing itself and not show the persons face. The style will be fall/winter, therefore the pieces should reflect that season and mood. The main components of the outfits should be of earth tones, neutral colors, and intense, dark colors (maroon, navy, mustard).

The overall moods of the catalog should show comfort and confidence.

One thought on “Final Project

  1. rmichals

    Remember that you need 6 final images.

    What I notice about your examples is that in the two street shots, the warm color of the clothing makes it stand out from the background.

    Your shots will be done in the studio so the third example is the most relevant. Since it is a very simple shot, most of the style is communicated by the pose of the model. When you shoot tomorrow, think a lot about how the poses of the models can convey the attitude that you want.


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