Brian Rodgers

What i like about this photo so much is the color. I like how the color stands out. I also like the color of the background. I also noticed there’s shadow in the background and he also added some light in the background. However i also noticed there is some shadow underneath the dummy teeth. I also like how he has this white light around it that makes it stand out even more. On the other hand his photoshop skills are amazing. I wonder how many lights he used on this photo and i wonder how many layers it took to create the splash effect.

One thought on “Brian Rodgers

  1. rmichals

    The color is basically monochromatic. the background color is a grayer version of the color of the teeth.

    The shadow underneath make it convincing that the teeth are floating.

    I can’t tell where the lights were so yes, I assume that this is a composite of many layers.


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